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Lucid Metal 3d is a leading Australian 3d property rendering studio. Established in 1999 by Kane Sullivan and Sarah Fisher, Lucid Metal 3d property rendering creates high quality 3d architectural renders, cgi artist impressions, architectural animations, photo-montages, industrial renderings, interior and exterior property renderings and 360 VR tours.

We work with property developers, marketing agencies, experiential agencies, property developers, home builders, architects, interior designers, real estate agents and government departments to bring their design ideas to life.

Our team of digital artists come from multidisciplinary backgrounds in architecture, illustration, fine arts and marketing. We produce compelling 3d property visualisations with consideration given to every element, from textures, to light source and the natural environment, ensuring our images evoke harmony and ambience.

We are one of the longest established 3d architectural visualisation studios in Australia and bring unrivaled knowledge to your project’s marketing mix. We’ve produced thousands of beautiful cgi architectural images and love working with our diverse range of clients throughout Australia and overseas.

We service Byron Bay, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. To receive a fee proposal or ask about our services, please email us or call us on +61 2 9517 1280 today.